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MSU at OTC Lebanon

Complete a Bachelor’s Degree with MSU in Lebanon!

Welcome future Missouri State students!
Earn your associate of arts degree from OTC and enjoy a seamless transfer to Missouri State University! You may obtain a bachelor’s degree without ever having to leave Lebanon. Currently, MSU offers the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the OTC Lebanon Center, as well as several graduate degree options. There are also numerous online degree pathways available.

Bachelor Science in Elementary Education
The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education can be earned in approximately two and a half years, after completing OTC’s AAT program and meeting the MSU admission requirements. These classes are primarily taught in a blended format, utilizing both face-to-face instruction and online Blackboard assignments. There are also courses available online and via ITV. Completion of this degree allows you to be certified to teach grades 1-6.

Missouri State Graduate Programs
With completion of your bachelor’s, you may choose to earn a Master’s or Specialist in Education Administration, in Lebanon, made available through web conferencing technology. For more information, visit us online or call Gib at 417-532-0518.

Contact Us:
Gib Adkins, On-site Outreach Coordinator 

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